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Aardwolf Electric Vacuum Lifter 20-10000kg

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Aardwolf Electric Vacuum Lifter 20-10000kg

Expected release date is Mar 31st 2018


The Electric Vacuum Lifter 20 - 10000 kg (AEVLP20-10000) is designed for lifting and moving of long and bulky steel panels. Sturdy and durable structure enable the AEVLP20-10000 work at large construction sites. Featuring adjustable suction cup beam for different sizes of panels. With the ideal length and sturdy structure, the lifter is the solution for safety and efficiency seekers. 


  • Handling of long steel panels 
  • Equipped with an electric cabinet-operated vacuum pump
  • Audio/visual alarm system
  • Vacuum reserve tank 
  • Integrated handle for ease of control
  • Pressure control system automatically activated the vacuum pump once the vacuum loss occurred
  • Adjustable vacuum pads based on the panel size
  • Attach/release materials by ON/OFF buttons 


Number of pads 20 pads -
of steel sheet
12000x2400 472x94.5
Pad diameter 500 19.7
Working load limit 10000 22046
Net weight 1960 4321
Dimension 11300x1400x1346 445x55.1x52.9
  • Battery information for alarm system
Battery supply 3.7V Lipo battery
Battery capacity 2000mAhx1
Standby time 5000h
Charging cycle 1000 times
Adapter DC 5V-1A
Charging time 2h
Non-stop working time 7h
6-month warranty -
  • Motor information
Vacuum flow rate 10m3/h/h
Imput supply AC 220V-1Phase 50/60Hz


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