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Aardwolf Horizontal Lifter AHL-1000(D)

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Aardwolf Horizontal Lifter AHL-1000(D)

Grantie Lifter, Lifting Clamps For Granite, Paving Slab LIfter

Aardwolf Industries offere many lifting clamps for granite.  The Aardwolf Horizontal Lifter AHL-1000 is a granite lifter for moving heavy xstone and concrete.  Unlike other lifters just made for stone the AHL is designed as a pavign slab lifter and for concrete as well.  Most slab lifers have difficultly picking up concrete or pavers due to it's porous material, but the AHLC line of horizontal lifters clamps does not rely on suction for its lifting capacity.  Making it a good choice for concrete and natural stone.  The Horizontal Slab Lifter features sliding grips that adjusts to handle large dimension stone & concrete slabs and blocks from zero to 100 cm wide. Slide the grips to the width of block to be picked up, and set it down onto the block. The Horizontal Lifter incorporate a latch that automatically releases the Lifter from the load once the load has been fully lowered to the ground. 


Features of Granite Lifter:

  • Easily adjustable opening width.
  • A large gripping range, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Lifting eye for attaching to crane hook.
  • Auto locks and unlocks of load.
  • Vulcanized rubber pads.



ModelGrip RangeClamp WeightWeight CapacityWarrantyDimensions
AHLC-1000 0-1000mm 114 kg 1500 kg 24 Months 1770 x 220 x 450
AHLC-1000 0" - 39.4" 251 lbs 3307 lbs 24 Months 69.7 x 8.7 x 17.7