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Aardwolf Transport Truck AHTC-1500

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Aardwolf Transport Truck AHTC-1500

Heavy Duty Transport Dolly with ability to move, tilt, steer, and turn large heavy objects

The Aardwolf Transport Truck is a four wheel trolley or mini truck with ability to tilt, move, steer, and turn. The heavy dury trolley is ideal for moving large pieces of stone while easily maneuver throughout the shop or job site. Steering by means of ball-type turntable. Tilting claws; parking brake on the tow-bar. At changing from vertical to horizontal position, the wooden bearing surface is automatically locked.
Robust wheels for higher load capacity.


  • Load capacity 2756 LBS 
  • Length 59"
  • Width : 17 3/4" 
  • Height : 21 1/4" 
  • Track with 27" 
  • Hub diameter 1"
  • Pneumatic wheels 6 PLY 17 3/4" x 3 3/4"
  • Packaged Volume: 0.6740 M3. 
  • Net Weight: 184.5 LBS.
  • Gross Weight: 185.2 LBS.
Load capacity:
Hub diameter: