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Abaco 11" Slab Dolly

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Abaco 11" Slab Dolly

11 Inch Slab Dolly for around the shop and on the job

Designed for smooth transport over uneven surfaces. Small slab dolly moves easily in a narrow working place as well. The 8” dolly has solid rubber tires and the 11” dolly has pneumatic tires. Rubber vulcanized channel protects slabs from chipping and scratching.

  • Used to move material around the shop and job site
  • Solid rubber tires
  • Wheels are joined by a channel
  • Rubber vulcanized to channel to protect material

Detailed Specifications

ModelNumber Length(Inches) Width(Inches) Height(Inches) Channel Width(Inches) Net Weight(Pounds) W.L.L.(Pounds)
SD011 20 1/16 10 5/8 12 1/8 3 1/8 22 660
Working load limit: