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Atlas Bridge Saw Table

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Atlas Bridge Saw Table

Atlas Bridge Saw Table with Hydraulics | Custom Tables Available | Bridge Saw Tilt Table For Granite Slabs

The Atlas Bridge Saw Table is used in conjection with a bridge saw. If you are in the market for best bridge saw table than search no further. The hydraulic table can move, tilt, and lift slabs of stone, granite, marble, and more. The bridge saw table can be used with the Atlas Bridge Saw or any other bridge saw.

Bridge Saws are a very large piece of equipment for Stone Fabrication Shops. Bridge Saws are typically used for cutting granite, stone, marble, and other types of slabs. The Saw cuts through slabs by using a using the power of the saw, the bridge saw table, and diamond blades. The stone saw measures amps, cutting rate, feet per minute, and basically how well the stone cutting machine is working. The material and diamond blades and how they work with in conjunction with your saw will all affect those rates.

The Atlas Gantry Bridge Saw is has many amazing features, which separates it from typical marble and granite cutting machines. The machine comes with an large hydraulic tilt table. This makes it easy to load and unload stone slabs onto the saw. The bridge saw table has 6 stopping points that gives you the ability to use it from many angles. The 6 stopping points of the bridge saw table can be locked into place, to ensure safety. The superior granite slab table tilts, goes up and down, rotates, locks at 6 different points, and is available in a couple different sizes.

The saw for cutting stone has a cutting length of 145 inches. That overall cutting length is ideal for the stone industry. Another benefit besides the perfect cutting length of granite and stone slabs is its power. The marble saw has a 20-horse power motor to ensure it can cut through any stone slab. Get the saw with enough power and cutting length to help fabricate all types of kitchen and bathroom countertops.

The Bridge Saw Machine has a cutting rate of 15 feet per minute. This incredibly fast cutting process makes it possible to quickly fabricate countertops. The stone saw’s cutting rate will vary depending on materials being cut and blades being used. Harder stones such as hard granite, tej mahal, black absolute, porcelain, and quartzite cutting rate would be slower than the softer stones and material.

The Stone Cutting Machine works best when it is used with quality diamond blades. The Atlas Bridge Saw can be used with 14, 16, 18, and 20inch blades. The size of diamond saw blades are based on job, cutting depth, time, price, and preference. The bridge saw can be used with granite, marble, porcelain, engineered stone, and glass blades. The better the diamond cutting blade the less your saw will have to work. We offer a package of diamonds blades when you purchase the bridge saw.

The framing and rails are unique on the Gantry Bridge Saw as well. The frame tubing is welded shut to prevent water penetration. This feature cannot be under appreciated. Often neglected on most bridge saw cutting machines, the frame is left exposed. Once water penetrates the frame tubing the saw will begin to rust and age prematurely. The saw also has epoxy on all exposed steel for rust prevention. These two small but key things will make difference between keeping a nice new granite bridge saw or one that is rusty and requires extra maintenance.

The Atlas Granite Bridge Saw has more optional features that enhance the base model. It has the ability to perform miter cuts. The miter cuts, table size, and remote controller are some of the upgrade options on this great saw. This gantry bridge saw is American made and is typically made, delivered, installed, and taught by the manufacturer.

Features of Atlas Bridge Saw Table:

  • Made in USA
  • Table weighs 1,200lbs.,
  • Table Rails Constructed from steel tubing with 3/16 wall thickness
  • Dimensions are 72" wide x 144" long x 32" high Fully hydraulic tilt
  • 6 fixed stop positions (0, 45, 90, -45, -90, 180)
  • Any position lock 
  • Sealed construction
  • Manual rotating table
  • 120 V 1hp electric motor
  • One Year Warranty
Blade Capacity:
14", 16", 18", 20"
Granite, Marble, Porcelain, Engineered stone, Glass
1 year