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Dongsin Dekton KeramiCUT Blade

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Dongsin Dekton KeramiCUT Blade

Dongsin Dekton Keramicut Miter Replacement Blade

This Dekton KeramiCUT Diamond Blade by Dongsin is perfect for straight or miter cutting on Dekton, or other hard materials, such as Lapitec. Comes in 14 in or 16 in with 42mm x 9mm segments. Optional flange available below.

Advantages of KeramiCUT

  • Chip-Free Cutting!
  • Higher Cutting Speed!
  • Miter/Angle Cutting

Specifications of sizes

  • 16ʺ(Ø400mm) x L42 x H9.0 x W3.0 x N29
  • 18ʺ(Ø450mm) x L42 x H9.0 x W3.0 x N32

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