HTC EZ M Series

  • Model: HTC-M
  • Manufactured by: HTC Floor Systems

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HTC Options Quantity price
[EZ M SS 0 Purple - 6 grit]
[EZ M SS 1 Silver - 16 grit]
[EZ M SS 2 Gold - 25 grit]
[EZ M SS 3 Grey - 40 grit]
[EZ M SS 4 Brown - 80 grit]
[EZ M SS 5 Black - 150 grit]
[EZ M SS 6 Blue - 300 grit]

HTC EZ M Series-Floor Grinding Tools by HTC Floor System


Formerly 'CA' Series

The new, improved M Series. Faster in the beginning and lasts longer in the long run! 

The M Series is a complete line of floor grinding tools for use on normal to soft concrete, natural stone and terrazzo. The course segments in the M series are ideal for removing a variety of floor coatings such as glue, epoxy paints, adhesives, self-leveling compounds, coatings, and more…

  • 15% better cutting abality
  • Up to 20% longer life
  • EZchange™ and innovative EZstart™
  • Perfect for floor preparation
  • This series of tools is one of the most used in the market
  • Improved metal bond

The M Series comes both as double segments and single segments.



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