HTC T-Rex Series

  • Model: HTC-T-Rex
  • Manufactured by: HTC Floor Systems
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HTC Options Quantity price
[T-Rex Ezchange Gold]
[T-Rex Gold Ring (420)]
[T-Rex Gold A Ring (650/500)]
[T-Rex Gold A Ring (950/800)]
[T-Rex Gold A Ring with C1 Protection Segment (950/800)]
[T-Rex Gold B Ring (650/500)]
[T-Rex Gold B Ring (950/800)]
[T-Rex Gold B Ring with C1 Protection Segment (950/800)]

T-Rex is intended for removal of coatings, not for conventional grinding! The tools have an extremely high removal capacity and can remove even the thickest coatings such as paint, lacquer, epoxy, acrylic, and residues of adhesive and screed.

T-Rex Gold
This model does not allow you to adjust the grinding pressure, but you get more uniform removal if the surface is very uneven.
T-Rex EZ T-Rex Classic Gold
The EZ T-Rex Classic variant of T-Rex gives greater freedom of choice when choosing the required removal rate and grinding pressure with either the full set or half set fitted


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