Floor Grinders

Floor grinders for essential to preparing concrete and marble stone floors for finishing. Diamond Tool Store stocks concrete floor grinders for indoor and outdoor use. Uneven garage floors, kitchens, basements, and driveways can all benefit from being leveled and stripped of existing finishes with one of our floor grinders.


Choosing the correct floor grinder for your applications means you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • - What system of dust extractor do you have?
  • - Do you want to wet grind concrete floor or dry grind?
  • - How large is your average floor grinding job?
  • - Do you need a walk behind floor grinder, a ride-on grinder, or a hand grinder?


With these questions in mind, we invite you to browse our full inventory of floor grinders!


We carry a huge variety of brands and sizes and floor pads to go with grinders, including resin bonded segments, metal bonded segments, and grinding wheels.

MK-DDG-11 Double Disk Grinder

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