Angle One-Shot (ABS)

  • Model: YC101T-ABS
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Multi-functional Goniometer

   - An indispensible tool for DIY as well as for Expert Tradesman

   - Manufactured by Youngco World in South Korea

   - Awarded the grand prize in the invention contest in South Korea

   - Patent No. 10-0792685

   - PCT patent applied

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Used by : Carpenter, Finishing carpenters, Cabinet makers, Tile setters, Plumbers, Shipbuilders, Stonemasons, Trade schools, DIYs and much more...

Angle One-Shot™ measures overall angle or half the overall angle(miter angle) simultaneously.

Features of Multi-functional Bevel

- Cut right after measuring

- Measurement made easy to anyone

- Accurate scales(useful for a correct molding)

- Miter angles marked(graduated ruler)

- Inner angles marked(graduated ruler)

- Outer angles marked(graduated ruler)

- Can be used as a compass

- Aluminum die-cast product


​Specifications of Multi-functional Bevel(YCW0804T) 
   - Material : Aluminum and ABS

   - Size : 345 x 180 x 30m/m

   - Weight : 600g


Specifications of Multi-functional Bevel (YC101T)

   - Material : ABS and steel

   - Size : 345 x 180 x 30m/m

   - Weight : 600g



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