Blue Ripper 14 inch Arrayed Pattern Blade

  • Model: BRS1410R
  • Manufactured by: Dia Plus
Application : Wet / Granite
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Traditionally, fast-cutting diamond blades did not have a long life-span, and long-lasting blades did not cut fast.  

Long life and fast cutting speed were incompatible. Now, both fast cutting speed and long life exist in the same diamond blade - the Arrayed Pattern Diamond Blade.


  • Diamonds specifically pattern-arrayed in each segment
  • No more random diamond placement in blade segments
  • 30% longer blade-life than traditional blades
  • Uniform diamond exposure to the stone surface over entire segment life
  • No uneven segment deterioration or premature diamond loss
  • Smoother cut with virtually no chipping
  • Standard segment height of 10mm


What makes these blades different?

In traditional diamond blades, the diamonds are randomly placed within each segment's bonding agent.  As a result, the diamonds are exposed to the stone in an unbalanced, random way. This results in uneven segment deterioration, premature diamond loss, and blades that wear out relatively rapidly.

With the new  Arrayed Pattern Diamond Blade, the diamonds are arrayed in a specific pattern in each segment. This groundbreaking technology allows for uniform diamond exposure to the stone surface. The perfectly balanced cutting action provides a fast, smooth cut; and because the patterned diamonds are exposed to the stone at the same consistent rate as all the other diamonds in each segment, the blade life is greatly extended - 30% longer blade-life than traditional blades. There is no uneven segment deterioration or premature diamond loss.

For a long-lasting, smooth, fast-cutting diamond blade the Arrayed Pattern Diamond Blade has no equal!



Item# Size Arbor Segment Height Max RPMS
ARY1080 8" 7/8" - 5/8" 10mm  4300
ARY1014 14" 50/60mm 10mm 3450



Blue Ripper Rail Saw Cutting Granite with Arrayed Pattern Blade

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