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Miracle 511 Kleen & Reseal

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Miracle 511 Kleen & Reseal

Remove dirt and soild from natural stone and tile with the unique formula of the 511 Kleen & Reseal by miracle sealants. 


Miracle Sealant 511 Kleen & Reseal is a unique formula designed to remove dirt and soil from natural stone and tile, including vanities, showers and furniture and reseals in one easy step. Miracle Kleen & Reseal will cut through dirt and soil with no rinsing, no streaking and no soapy residue left behind. Miracle 511 Kleen & Reseal is safe for all types of surfaces

Special Features

  • Contains Miracle 511 H20 Plus
  • Reseals with Each Use
  • Non Abrasive
  • Neutral pH is Safe for All Surfaces
  • No Scrubbing
  • No Acid
  • Safe for Counters
  • Ready-to-Use


  • Coverage will vary depending on surface product is used upon. Miracle 511 Kleen & Reseal will cover up to 500 square feet per 32 ounces.

Spray & Wipe Cleaner & Resealer for

  • All Ceramic Tile
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Polished or Unpolished Natural Stone

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