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PGP1530 Floor Grinder

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PGP1530 Floor Grinder

PGP1530 Floor Grinder

Universal Polishing Systems NEW model # PGP1530 is the only 16 head, planetary or non-planetary motion, concrete specific machine in today’s highly competitive concrete polishing market.  With design patents throughout Europe and Asia and in the United States and Russia, the PGP1530 offers many advantages over other brand name equipment currently available.  The features and benefits of the PGP1530 and the diamond tooling offered by Universal Polishing Systems create a simple yet highly effective concrete polishing system unsurpassed in the industry without the inflated capital investment associated with machines of this caliber.  The 3 phase, 480 volt, 15 hp motor provides the power, the 30” patented planetary/non-planetary motion and the 16 unique “shock absorbing” pad drivers provides the finesse.  The super flex drivers follow the contour of the concrete without excessive scratching or gouging. The PGP1530 is the ideal all-in-one machine for all three phases of the concrete polishing process…Prep-Grind-Polish

PGP1530….The Only Machine You Need!