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Phoenix Blade

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Phoenix Blade

Phoenix Diamond Blade | Extreme Rescue Blade for Professional Fire Fighters

We are direct distributors for the manufacturer of the newest type of 14-inch diamond rescue blade, the Phoenix Blade, for use on all types of rescue saws. This blade cuts chains, locks, rock, concrete, wire fencing, re-bar, steel, car hoods, safety glass, asphalt – anything that gets in its way!  Because there is no "middleman", our prices are extremely competitive; our quality is unequaled.

Unlike other diamond rescue blades, in which the diamond segments are "laser-welded" to the blade core, our blade has the diamond chips adhered directly to the blade core substrate under extremely high pressure in a specialized hydrogen furnace, combined with a high-technology vacuum brazing process. The result is 30% more diamond exposure, making this the fastest-cutting rescue blade available anywhere in the world, with minimal sparking, and up to 100 times longer life than a standard rotary-saw carbide blade.

Made in Korea

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