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RTC Pro Drill Guide

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RTC Pro Drill Guide

Drilling Guide with dual purpose and dual suction


Most drilling applications on hard material require the use of water to cool the bit.  The RTC Pro Drill Guide offers drill bit stability along with water containment capabilities.  This will keep the bits from wandering, which could cause damage to the material.  It also incorporates a cooling feature extending bit life.

Use the RTC Pro Drill Guide to assure accurate hole drilling.  Without using a guide, it is possible for the bit to skate or slide across the surface causing unwanted scratching or chipping


  • Works with bits ranging from 1/16″-2 3/4″ (4mm-70mm)
  • Adjustable opening allows multiple bit sizes to be used
  • Secondary V-groove can be used for a guide in vertical applications (water must be applied manually)
  • Dual suction cups hold firmly in place (smooth surfaces onl