Top of the line Sealers especially formulated to Protect and Seal Stone, Tile, Concrete, and Grout Surfaces. 



Our sealers include top brand names including Miracle, Stonetech/Laticrete, Stone Pro, and Dry Treat.  Some of our top stone sealers form Stonetech or Laticrete include: Bulletproof, Heavy Duty Exterior Sealer, and Impregnator Pro Sealer.  Miracle's top sealers include: 511 Impregnator, 511 Porous Plus, and 511 Seal n Enhance.  Stone Pro offers Wet Look Topical Sealer and Aqua Pro All Purpose Impregnator just too name a few of the top names.  Lastly Dry Treat headliners include Stain Proof and 40SK.  Stain Proof is a top inside sealer and 40SK is a top outdoor sealer for stone and concrete.  

We not only carry the top seller’s for tile sealers, stone sealers, grout sealers, and concrete sealers, but we offer specialty sealers for those random jobs.  The specialty sealers include Anti-Slip Sealer, Salt Water Resist Sealer, Grout Shield, Color Enhancing Sealers, High Gloss Sealers, Wet Look Sealers, Warranty Kits, and more.  


Our sealers include granite sealer, travertine sealer, sandstone sealer, natural stone sealer, brick sealer, paver sealer, limestone sealer, concrete sealer, tile sealer, and grout sealer.  Not sure what sealer or sealant is best for you, that's ok just call in and speak with one of our qualified sales rep and they will help guide you to the best sealer for your needs. 



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