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The Diamond Tool Store has Small Saw Blades for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Engineered Stone, Porcelain, Tile, Glass, Concrete, Asphalt, Construction, and Fire Rescue. The blades offered can be for wet or dry use.


The blades range in diameter from 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 inches.



Diamond Tool Store has some of the highest quality small marble blades. Offering precision cutting, long life, and fast cutting. Our small silent marble blade has been an industry favorite for years and still outperforms the competition. It’s ideal for cutting marble, limestone, and onyx.



Diamond Tool Store blades for porcelain include names such as Alpha Tools, Zenesis, and MK Diamond. The MK Diamond Hot Dog Blade, The Alpha Silencer 3, and the Dia Plus Supreme Music Slot Blade are some of the most popular ones available.



Euro Asian Blades, The Diamond Tool Store, offers the 5-inch Dia-Plus Black Turbo Blade for granite, quartz, and other hard stones. It has been industry tested and approved to cut quartz, quartzite, black absolute, granite, and other engineered stone. The pattern of how the diamonds are laid out, diamond concentration, the bond, and more is the matrix that makes blade so unique.



The Diamond Tool Store offers glass and tile diamond blades including J-Slot blades, Music Slot blades, silent blades, continuous rim, and the Exakt Blade.



The Diamond Tool Store construction blades include blades for cutting: concrete, glass, rebar, asphalt, ductile, stone, crack chasers, and all-purpose. The diamonds are arranged in an array pattern to optimize the life of the diamonds and cutting performance.



The Shark Rescue blade has been trusted by Fire Fighters for years and can go through metal, rebar, glass, and almost any material in the speed needed to help save lives.



Diamond Tool Store rail saw blade is the official blade for the Blue Ripper Jr. Every Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw sold comes stocked with one of Diamond Tool Store Blue Ripper Jr. Blades. The rail saw blade is available for most rail saws and ranges up to 8 inches. The arrayed pattern blade is recognized by its signature red color, long life, and smooth cutting performance. Designed to last 30% longer with virtually no chipping.



The Diamond Tool Store small blades are extremely versatile. The Diamond Tool Store also offers smaller specialty blades. For special request, please call in 1.800.342.3876.



The Diamond Tool Store offers different varieties of saw blades for different applications. Please refer to the saw tab for a full list of saws offered. Dressing Stars and Stones are available to sharpen and maintain your diamond blades.



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