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Touei WS-6 Wet Air Polisher

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Touei WS-6 Wet Air Polisher

Touei WS-6 Wet Air Polisher for top of the line stone polishing 

Touei WS-6 Wet Air Polisher is easy to work with, and have more grinding/polishing power than imagined.  It is engineered to have reduced operational noise, expecially at high rotations speeds.  It's rear exhaust design is perfect for cold or hot weather operations.

Touei WS-6 is designed and assembled by experienced engineers in Japan.  All its parts are tested for their durability, noice, and vibration, so that the highest quality is ensured.

Touei WS-6 Specifications

  • Rotational Speed: 5000 RPMS
  • Rear exhaust design
  • Air Consumption: 460 l (16 CFM)/Min
  • Output: 240 watts
  • Compressor needed: 2.76 kw (~5.0 hp)
  • Noise: 84 db
  • Weight: 1kg (~2.3 lb)
  • Made in Japan