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Tuff-Block Shower feed Steel Wire Brush

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Tuff-Block Shower feed Steel Wire Brush

Tuff Block Steel Wire Brush for cleaning hard surfaces

All Malish showerfeed brushes feature our water and chemical-resistant TUFF-BLOCK® Showerfeed System for improved performance and long lasting life.

Steel Wire TUFF-BLOCK® Showerfeed Brush is for cleaning hard surfaces. Steel Wire (.014" diameter) is the most aggressive of the series, for use on unfinished concrete surfaces. Trim length is 1 1/2".

For use on the following floor types:

  • Heavily Soiled Concrete
  • Moderate to Lightly Soiled Concrete


*Does not include showerfeed hole.

**Clutch Plates and Risers are sold separately.


Part No.Block TypeDiameter
 773810  Wood   10"
 773811  Plastic   11"
 773812  Plastic  12"
 773813  Plastic  13"
 773814  Plastic  14"
 773815  Plastic  15" 
 773816  Plastic  16" 
 773817  Plastic  17"
 773818  Plastic  18"
 773819  Plastic  19"
 773820  Plastic  20"
 773821  Plastic  21"