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7 inch Grinding Wheels with Dust Shroud

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7 inch Grinding Wheels with Dust Shroud | Shroud

Sale on Diamond Products for Grinding Concrete and Stone

Using a dust shroud to cut down on the dust generated by grinding granite or marble floors is easy with our affordable 7 inch grinding wheel and dust shroud package. Preventing the inhalation of concrete or marble dust is a top priority for many stone working professionals. That's why we're proud to offer this 7 inch dust shroud package with high quality grinding cup wheels at an affordable price.

Package contains:

  1. MK-IXL Vacuum Shroud with Hinge - $84 regular price
    • The MK-IXL concrete grinder shroud has been engineered to control dust during concrete grinding operations. The shroud’s snail shape design utilizes the air velocity created by the rotating grinding wheel to efficiently channel dust particles away from the work surface and into the vacuum port.
  1. Dia Plus Vacuum Brazed Cup Wheels "Red Devils" (3 Wheels) -  $99.00 each regular price
    • 7" inch in diameter
    • Single or double row diamond segment option (choose below)
    • 5/8"-11 thread attachment
    • Great for granite, marble, or concrete

Retail - $381