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Aardwolf Brick Grabs Lifter

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Aardwolf Brick Grabs Lifter

Brick Lifting Equipment for Moving Various Brick Sizes

The Brick Grabs Lifter is made to mechanically lift, move and place various bricks size without the need to hook up additional hydraulics or electrical for it to operate. Clamping jaws are equipped with durable rubber to hold tight materials. This device can be used with different types of cranes such as overhead cranes, mobile cranes, truck mounted cranes or forklifts… in the factory or on construction site. The load does not have to be palletized and can be handled from inconvenient positions with limited space. The Brick Carrier has adjustable plunge depth – convenient when you handle loads of varying heights.

Features of Brick Lifter:

  • Fully automatic mechanism 
  • Adjustable plunge depth for different pack sizes 
  • Profiled hooks for attachments 
  • Time-saving, labour –saving and cost-saving


Grip range 800 - 1100 31.5 – 43.3
Working load limit 1800 3968
Net weight 561 1237
Pad length 1200 47
Internal height 1100 43.3


Working load limit:
Grip Range:
31.5" - 43.3"

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