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Aardwolf Enclosed Track Jib Crane - Wall Mounted

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Aardwolf Enclosed Track Jib Crane - Wall Mounted

Aardwolf Enclosed Track Jib Crane - Wall Mounted

By combining lightweight construction techniques with a roller-bearing pivot, Aardwolf has developed an Enclosed Track Jib Crane - Wall Column that is not only lightweight, but also produces a minimum amount of pivot friction making it one of the easiest moving jib cranes available.  The low friction track and trolley reduces operator fatigue, increases productivity and reduces work-related injuries. This device can be combined with an Aardwolf vacuum lifter and an electric hoist to meet your specific needs.


  • Sealed roller-bearing pivot
  • Highly durable design
  • Rotate by 270° or 360° with large work envelope
  • Enclosed track design protects running surface from dirt for minimal resistance
  • Easy moving hoist trolley
  • Rubber end stops


Maximum spans 5000 196.9
Working load limit 300 661
Power supply 220V 1-phase 50-60Hz -
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