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Aardwolf Handy Vacuum Lifter

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Front Upper View - Aardwolf Handy Vacuum Lifter

Single Pad Vacuum Lifter designed to used compressed air for lifting porous and non porous objects

Features of Vacuum Lifter:

Vacuum lifter, model AHVL 500 is powered by venturi vacuum generator, which requires a source of compressed air in order to function but require no electricity. The vacuum generator has no moving parts and therefore no lubrication is required.

  • Quick change vacuum pad system.
  • Slider valve with on & off position for the attachment of material to vacuum pads and release of material from vacuum pads.
  • Acoustic alarm system. Independently powered by small a 9 V rechargeable battery.
  • Vacuum gauge for visual warning of low vacuum.


Model Working load limit Net weight Gross Weight
Package Dimension
AHVL500 20.5 x 5.5: 265 lbs
20.5 x 6.3: 397 lbs
20.5 x 8.7: 639 lbs
20.5 x 12.6: 1058 lbs
63 lbs 75 lbs 22 x 13.7 x 11.4
Power Supply:
3.7v Lipo battery
Battery Capacity:
DC 5V-1A
Standby Time:
5000 Hour
Charging Cycle:
1000 Times
Charging Time:
2 Hours
Non-stop working time:
7 Hours
Air Consumption:
Supply Air Pressure:
5 Bars
Cup Diameter:
Working Load Limit:
617.3 lbs
6 Months

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