Aardwolf Material Handling Solutions manufactures top of the line lifting and handling equipment for stone, glass, concrete, pavers, brick, metal, monuments, and tombstones.  

Aardwolf is a top name brand in the slab lifting tools, stone lifting devices, and the general lifting and handling of stone and glass.  Their top products include slab lifters, aframes, vacuum lifters, bundle and slab racks, scissor lifters and clamps, horizontal lifters, glass lifters, monument lifters, forklift extensions, forklift attachments, and more.  Aardwolf is the name for heavy lifting of stone, granite, marble, concrete, pavers, brick, metals, plastic, monuments, tombstones, glass, and other heavy materials.


Aardwolf Industries is an Australian managed company with manufacturing facilities in the Binh Duong Province in Vietnam. Aardwolf is a leading supplier of specialized vacuum lifters to the stone working industry. As Aardwolf has continued to grow their product lines, they have expanded to a variety of industry equipment. Aardwolf Industries uses state of the art manufacturing machines including CNC lathes, milling machines, die casting machines, robotic welders, and plasma cutters among other machines.


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