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Aardwolf Monument Clamp/Lifter

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Aardwolf Monument Clamp/Lifter

Aardwolf Monument Clamp/Lifter ideal tool for cemeteries, landscapers, and monument distributors

A great piece of equipment for handling stone monuments. Works with any lifting device. No more struggling with straps and boards. It will not damage monuments.


  • Weight: 79.5 lbs
  • Lifter opens from: 0 - 11.8"
  • Load Capacity: 2204lbs
  • Package Dimensions: L.24.8" x W.7.3" x H.16.1". 
  • Net Weight: 79.5 LBS.
  • Gross Weight: 84.9 LBS.

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Loading Capacity:
Lifter opens from:
0 - 11.8"

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