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Aardwolf Scissor Lifter ASL-300

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Aardwolf Scissor Lifter ASL-300

Scissor Clamp Lifter ASL 300 ideal lifter for large monuments, tombstones, stone slabs

Aardwolf is a leader in manufacturing stone handling equipment including its Scissor Clamp Lifters.  The ASL 300 Scissor Lifting Clamp is the second largest of the scissor clamps offered.  The Scissor Lifter has a large grip range for companies moving large monuments, tombstones, and of course other types of stone.  The clamps are equipped with rubber contact pads, which ensure the material is trasported safely and effeciently. By means of a gravity controlled locking latch, the clamps automatically grip and release the load.

Suitable for lifting marble and granite slabs, tomb stones, concrete barriers, curbs (kerbs) and median walls.

  • Auto locks and unlocks. 
  • Vulcanized rubber pads.
  • Protective rubber lined bar prevents chipping of material


Model Grip Range Clamp Weight Weight Capacity Warranty Dimensions
ASL-300 6" - 12" 104 lbs 3,307 lbs 24 Months 27.5" x 9" x 17.3"
Weight Capacity:
3,307 lbs
Grip Range:
6" - 12"
24 Months

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