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Aardwolf Slab Rack Extra Strong Post 50x50x5

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Slab Rack Extra Long Post 800 High

 Aardwolf Slab Rack Extra Strong post 50x50x5 - Can be combined with Slab Rack Base Rail for complete storage of stone slabs

  ASR06 ASR07 ASR08 ASR09 ASR10
Yield strength 345Mpa 345Mpa 345Mpa 345Mpa 345MPA
Wall thickness 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2
Net weight 14.3 17.6 21.6 24.3 26.5
Gross weight 14.8 18.1 22 24.7 28
Post dimension 2x2x31.5 2x2x47.2 2x2x55.1 2x2x63 2x2x70.9


Working load limit:

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