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Aardwolf Vertical Polishing Frame 700

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Aardwolf Vertical Polishing Frame 700

Vertical Polishing Frame 700

Edge polishing stand for polishing granite that is standing vertically on edge, as opposed to horizontal polishing. Provided with two rubber-lined support rails, both of which are height adjustable. The upper support rail is used when polishing narrow width splash backs and skirting boards. The upper rail is removed when polishing wider width work pieces.

With this stand the polisher is able to set work pieces at various heights thereby reducing strain on the polisher’s lower back and shoulders, plus it allows the polisher to see what he or she is doing without getting sprayed in the face with water and grime. With the extra comfort, the polisher will produce higher quality edges at a much faster rate.


  • Two rubber-lined jaws locked by hand knobs
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Holds marble and granite work pieces securely
  • Powder-coated finish



Grip range 0 - 55 0 - 2.2
Net weight 18.25 40.2
Gross weight 18.5 40.8


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Grip Range: