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Aardwolf Waste Bin 1000G

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Aardwolf Waste Bin 1000G

Aardwolf Waste Bin 1000G

Manufactured from 3mm plate. The bottom is reinforced to ensure the long life of the bin. The release mechanism is activated by the forklift operator pulling the draw rope from the driver's seat. The custom-built shock absorber prevents impact forces being transmitted to the forklift during emptying. Galvanised finish.


Options include

  • Wheels
  • Air shocks
  • Drain cock and strainer


Working load limit 1.06m(37 ft³) -
Net weight 221 487.2
Gross weight 222 489.4
Package dimension 1540x1200x1220 60.6x47.2x48
Working load limit:
1.06m³ (37 ft³)