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Abaco Arcturus Lifter

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Side View | Abaco Arcturus Lifter

Arturus Slab Lifter

Abaco lifters like the Arcturus lifter (model ARL 50 and ARL 100) are a high quality stone slab lifter that can stand up daily use in your stone shop. The ARL100 has a grip range of 3/4" to 5-1/2" and up to a 2200 lb working load limit. The Abaco Arcturus Lifter series comes with an optional clamp plate to prevent fragile and brittle slabs from cracking.
The vulcanized rubber grips are designed to securely lift workpieces without damaging them.

Arturus Lifter specially designed for slabs from 3/4” – 4" (2-10cm).
Arcturus Lifter can be used optional by combining with the Clamp Plate to clamp edging slabs.
Warning: When working with clamp plate, the load is reduced by 300kg. In this case, the grip range is from 20 to 30 mm (3/4”-1-1/8”).

The Arcturus Lifter is just one of the many Abaco slab lifters we have in stock from Abaco Machines. Browse our whole selection of slab lifters to get the best deals on slab lifters online!

Inches (mm)
Inches (mm)
Inches (mm)
Grip Range
Inches (mm)
Net Weight
Pounds (kg)
Pounds (kg)
ARL50 12 3/8 (314) 6-1/2 (165) 18-7/8 (480) 3/8 – 2 (10-50) 44 (18) 1650 (750)
ARL100 18-1/8 (460) 8-1/4 (210) 22-5/16 (567) 3/4 – 4 (20-100) 74 (33.5) 2200 (1000)