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Abaco Heavy Duty Truck A-Frame

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Abaco Heavy Duty Truck A-Frame

Abaco Heavy Duty Truck A-Frame for moving and storing slabs easily with a truck

Constructed of two standard a-frames joined by four crossbars

The Abaco Heavy Duty Truck A-Frame incorporates two standard A-Frames joined by four cross bars which
can be extended to an overall length of five feet. It comes with angle timber blocks to protect materials.
The sturdy structure is designed to handle heavier slabs and transport them from one job site to another.

  • Includes timber blocks to protect material and improve stability
  • Ideal for moving material from one site to another
  • 19800 lbs. (9000 KG) W.L.L. per side per set
Item Number Length Width Height W.L.L. Net Weight Ship Weight
TAF06H 60 60 60 39,600 LBS 192 220
Working load limit: