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Abaco Spreader Beam M4

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Abaco Spreader Beam M4

M4 Adjustable Spreader Bar with Lifting Straps

Abaco Spreader Beam M4 can be combined with Scissor Clamps to move a large slab in a safe and quick manner. The beam comes with 4 preset holes.  The adjustable spread bar uses lifting slings and a strong lifting beam to support moving heavy material.  The spreader beam can move concrete, granite, marble, or pretty much any heavy material that falls within the size and weight limit.  The spreader bar can lift material over 2,000 pounds.


Model Number Length
Inches (mm)
Inches (mm)
Inches (mm)
Pounds (kg)
ASB056M4 55 7/16 (1408) 3 3/8 (85) 13 1/4 (337) 2200 (1000)