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Alpha Quad Turbo Diamond Blade

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Alpha Quad Turbo Diamond Blade

Quad - The Ultimate Dry Flush Cutting Blade for Stone Fabricators

Alpha® Quad combines the performance of Alpha® Plus, the ultimate diamond blade, with our unique design for flush cutting applications. Unlike other blades, Alpha® Quad accepts our exclusive Quad Drive Adapter, which eliminates the required lock nut. The Quad Drive Adapter has a threaded arbor that permits mounting on angle grinders for “flush cutting” applications. The quad driver designed for larger diameters enables angle grinders to be used for cutting applications with their existing safety guard in place. Fabricators use Alpha® Quad to make 90 degree inside corners cleanly and efficiently. Monument builders can easily clean up marks left from large diameter saw cuts with Alpha® Quad. General contractors love to convert their angle grinder into a cutting tool on the job site by using Alpha® Quad. This blade is also very popular for sculptors who want to reach tight corners and hard to reach areas. Alpha® Quad and the Quad Drive Adapter offer unique features with the performance of the ultimate diamond blade for special applications.

  • Requires Quad Drive to fit High-Speed Angle Grinder
  • Fits most popular High-speed Angle Grinders
  • Specially Designed for Flush Cutting
  • Best Dry Cutting Turbo Blade on the Market
  • Chip-Free Cutting on Most Demanding Applications


Part No.SizeThicknessMaximum RPMArbor(s)For Use OnMSRP$
DA04AH 4" 2.1mm 14,500 20mm Quad Drive Angle Grinder 53.45
DA05SH 5" 2.1mm 12,200 20mm Quad Drive Angle Grinder 67.26
DA06AH 6" 2.1mm 10,100 20mm Quad Drive Angle Grinder 79.44
DA07AH 7" 2.3mm 8,400 20mm Quad Drive Angle Grinder 84.72
DA08AH 8" 2.3mm 7,400 20mm Flange with 8 holes Angle Grinder 103.15
DA09AH 9" 2.5mm 6,600 20mm Flange with 8 holes Angle Grinder 156.20
DA11AH 10" 2.5mm 5,900 20mm Flange with 8 holes Angle Grinder 175.68

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