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B-Slot Diamond Blade

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B-Slot Diamond Blade

B Slot Blade - Diamond Stone Cutting Disc


This laser welded diamond blade is perfect for cutting Granite, Porcelain and Hard Tile.  The Diamond Stone Cutting Disc is made with high quality diamonds to last long. This Versatile blade leaves a fine chip free cut on hard surfaces like Porcelain, Granite, and Marble tiles. 


Item#SizeArborSegment HeightRPMS
WLSB0400 4 7/8 20mm N/A
WLSB0450 4.5 7/8 20mm N/A
WLSB0500 5 7/8 20mm N/A
WLSB0600 6 7/8 20mm N/A
WLSB0700 7 7/8 20mm N/A
WLSB1200 12 7/8 20mm N/A
WLSB1400 14 7/8 20mm N/A