Concrete Buggies are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment on a job site. They are used to transport mainly concrete from one point to another, saving you tons of time and money over the life of the unit.

Many people continue to use wheelbarrows to move material around, which can work for small jobs, but are nothing compared to a buggy. If you’re on the fence about whether your business needs some of these, take a look at these 4 points below. After reading them, you will see how concrete buggies can change the way your jobs run.


If you don’t have these on your job site, just take 5 minutes to watch your crew while moving material from point a to point b. Here are some of the things you will see. Your team will fill a few cu. Ft. with concrete and struggle to wheel hundreds of pounds around manually. Then will manually dump the concrete to the place it needs to go, which is not always the easiest and most precise operation.

With a concrete buggy, you drive up, load up the material (17+ cu. Ft.) and drive away effortlessly, in no time. Not only are you increasing your productivity in shear travel time, your crew will not be as tired, resulting in a higher work pace and less pauses throughout the day.

If you can increase the productivity of your crews, you will be able to fit in more jobs and increase the revenue that your business can bring in.


In the concrete industry, your guys do enough physical labor. Anything that you can provide them to make sure they can continue to work at their full capacity is key when thinking about equipment for your job site.

A concrete buggy saves your crew from moving wheel barrows around all day, dumping them and struggling across different types of terrain.

If you invest in these machines, you will reduce the amount and chance of workplace injuries that can result in workers not being able to come in, or worse, having to go on disability. Buggies are a great way to protect yourself and your employees.


Depending on the types of concrete work you are doing will depend on how much material you are needing to move around in a buggy or wheelbarrow. If you are working on jobs that require lots of transportation, the man power needed to complete those jobs will be much higher because of the work involved in material transportation.

If you can speed up the movement of concrete around the job site, you will be able to get more people actually working on finishing, cutting, ect… and finish jobs quicker or with less people. This gives you the ability to run leaner crews and get the same amount of work done, resulting in more profit per job for your company.


There are some jobs that a concrete buggy is not necessary or able to be used on, which is potentially why you don’t already have one. If you want to look at bidding on bigger jobs, you will need the equipment to meet deadlines and still keep your labor costs in order. A concrete buggy is key for anyone doing larger jobs.

If you don’t have the proper equipment, you may still be able to do the work, but it will take you much longer than others, resulting in missing deadlines and other things that go along with that. The potential revenue you could generate from larger jobs drastically outweighs the initial cost of proper equipment like concrete buggies.

If you already have a concrete buggy, these points still apply to you. If you need multiple units because of the job needs, you will continue to increase your productivity and be able to take on more jobs.

In closing, Concrete Buggies = more potential revenue for your business. Take advantage.