What Makes Blue Ripper Rail Saw The Best For Stone Fabrication

What Makes Blue Ripper Rail Saw The Best For Stone Fabrication - Diamond Tool Store

What Makes Blue Ripper Rail Saw The Best For Stone Work

The art of stone fabrication is unique. Naturally, you will want to have the most effective tools for creating beautiful stone pieces and perfecting your craft. For a variety of reasons, the Blue Ripper Rail Saw is the best rail saw on the market.

Why use diamond blades on stone?

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man and can cut virtually any other substance, including stones. Cutting and drilling industries benefit greatly from diamond tools. A stone is one of the hardest substances found on the planet today.

With stone as the material of choice, diamond saw blades are the best tool you can use.

How do rail saws work on stone?

When you want precision cuts, a rail saw with a diamond blade is the best choice.

Rail saws are a valuable power tool that allows for precise cuts along straight lines on granite, marble, or stone. The saw works by attaching a circular blade to a precision metal rail known as a track.

The circular saw moves along the metal track in a straight line. If you want to go ahead and cut, simply attach the metal track to the workpiece and plunge the circular saw into it. The saw will then move forward along the guideways (or rail).

The rail (track) stabilizes the saw, so there is no risk it will slip or move away from the marked cutting lines.

Blue Ripper Rail Saw

Whether you have a small shop or need to make cuts on the job site, a Rail Saw is perfect for you. The Blue Ripper Rail Saw is one of the finest of its kind for stone fabrication.

The rail saws are operated on a track and the rail system ensures safe straight cutting. With Blue Ripper rail saws, you can pick the horsepower and rail size that fit your specific needs.

A portable rail saw with the fastest cutting speed on the market today, the Blue Ripper stone rail saw, has a 5 HP high-speed (3450 RPM) water-cooled motor. In order to cool the motor, water is fed through endcaps, which circulate water through the blade. As a result, stone cuts become safer, cleaner, and more precise.

If you need an air-cooled saw, the Blue Ripper 3hp and 5hp saws are excellent alternatives to the water-cooled version.

Additional Benefits of a Blue Ripper Rail Saw VS Bridge Saw

The investment of tools is an essential part of every business. Bridge Saws and CNC Machines can be used for stone cutting, but they are extremely expensive, costing up to tens of thousands of dollars. The Blue Ripper Rail Saw delivers same quality of work, at a fraction of the cost.

There is no need to sacrifice quality. The Blue Ripper Rail Saw is portable, easily moved, and can be used at the shop or on the jobsite.  The reduced weight also reduces the risk of cracking thin or narrow pieces of material. Using Blue Ripper Saws reduces manufacturing time for projects due to their ability to cut quickly.

It doesn't matter if you're cutting granite, marble, porcelain, engineered stone, quartz, quartzite, glass, or natural stone. You'll find Bluer Ripper to be a superior stone-cutting rail saw.