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Ceramica Dry Polishing Pads

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Ceramica Dry Polishing Pads

Ceramica Dry for dry polishing natural stones

Alpha® has expanded its line of polishing pads to now include a dry version of the superior Ceramica Resin. These new pads utilize a new process to make the diamond layer thicker, thus creating better quality results and a longer life than typical dry resin pads. Ceramica Dry is perfect for all natural stones and cement-based composites such as concrete and terrazzo. They are hook and loop-backed and utilize Alpha® Backer Pads. They are available in 4” and 5” sizes and have grits of 60, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000. The grit sequence is specifically formulated to provide the best possible finish.


  • Dry Polish All Natural Stones and Cement-Based Composites
  • For Use On Sanders and Polishers
  • Thick Diamond Layer for Better Quality Results
  • Hook & Loop Backed for Quick Grit Changes
  • Use On Popular Hand-Held Wet Polishers
  • Available in 4” and 5”
  • Grit Sequence of 60, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000
Part No. Size Maximum RPM Type Grit Color MSRP$
CD40060R 4" 4500 Hook & Loop 60 Blue 32.41
CD40200R 4" 4500 Hook & Loop 200 Yellow 32.41
CD40500R 4" 4500 Hook & Loop 500 Red 32.41
CD41000R 4" 4500 Hook & Loop 1000 Dark Green 32.41
CD42000R 4" 4500 Hook & Loop 2000 Light Green 32.41
CD43000R 4" 4500 Hook & Loop 3000 Brown 32.41
CD40KIT 4" 4500 Hook & Loop 1 each Assortment 184.76
CD50060R 5" 4500 Hook & Loop 60 Blue 44.57
CD50200R 5" 4500 Hook & Loop 200 Yellow 44.57
CD50500R 5" 4500 Hook & Loop 500 Red 44.57
CD51000R 5" 4500 Hook & Loop 1000 Dark Green 44.57
CD52000R 5" 4500 Hook & Loop 2000 Light Green 44.57
CD53000R 5" 4500 Hook & Loop 3000 Brown 44.57
CD50KIT 5" 4500 Hook & Loop 1 each Assortment 254.05



Question : What materials can I use Ceramica Dry on?

Answer : Ceramica Dry is designed for all natural stone and cement-base composites such as concrete and terrazzo. We do not recommend for engineered stones/quartz surfaces due the potential burning of the resin parts of surface.

Question : Can I use Ceramica Dry on an angle grinder?

Answer : Alpha® Ceramica Dry is designed to be used on low RPM machines such as sanders and polishers. Ordinary angle grinders are much too fast to safely utilize the hook and loop system. Do not try to run on high-speed machines that run above 4,500 RPM. If your angle grinder is variable speed, you may use this grinder; however; please review the grinders’ owners manual to find the correct rpm setting on the dial indicator for use with the Alpha® Ceramica Dry.

Question : How long does Ceramica Dry last?

Answer : Due to the many variables in materials, it is very hard to say exactly how long a Ceramica Dry disc will last. However, proper usage will give you the maximum life.

Question : What sizes are Ceramica Dry discs available in?

Answer : Ceramica Dry is currently only available in 4” diameter as it is the most common size of discs and can be adapted for many applications by using smaller-sized backer pads.

Question : How many passes do you have to make?

Answer : It is important to make sure all prior scratches are removed before moving onto the following grit. An average of 2 to 3 passes is all you need. Moving two passes across and one pass up and down is a good technique and will usually provide an adequate amount of polishing time. Never rush through the grits! You will only risk having to do your work piece over again.

Question : What RPM speed is the best, I’ve been told many answers?

Answer : Alpha® Ceramica Dry is design to operate at 4,500 rpm or slower. However, Ceramica Dry works best around 4,000 RPM.

Question : Can I use Ceramica Dry as a wet polishing application?

Answer : Yes. Ceramica Dry can be used with water to create a nice finish on all stones including engineered stones/quartz surfaces in this case. However, some grits may wear pre-maturely since water increases the disintegration of the bonding system, so we do not recommend them using as a wet polishing tools.

Question : My 60 grit seems to wear faster than I expect it to. What can I do?

Answer : Ceramica Dry 60 grit can remove the deep profiling or grinding scratches and saw cut marks, but due to the nature of bonding system and dry application, it is not a fair life comparison against similar resin pads designed for wet applications which receive a large benefit from the water cooling the cut edges.

Question : Sometimes I notice slight burn marks on the edge. How can I prevent these marks so I don’t have to repeat the process?

Answer : First, make sure you only apply ample pressure during your polishing process. Excess pressure will generate heat-build up then eventually burn the surface of stone. Second, try increasing the RPM of the polisher to highest level if your polisher is variable speed model. Using a higher RPM will generate more air cooling capacity to reduce heat at the cutting edge during the polishing process.

Question : Can these discs be used on my floor polishing machine?

Answer : Although the Ceramica Dry and floor discs may look similar, they differ greatly. Ceramica Dry discs are designed only for edge polishing applications. Do not try to use these discs on a floor polishing machine.

Question : Can these discs be used on the single head edge polishing machine?

Answer : No. Ceramica Dry cannot be used on any type of edge polishing machine.

Question : Can these discs be used on scratch removal and seamless countertop installation?

Answer : No. We do not recommend Ceramica Dry for top polishing. Ceramica Dry is designed for edge treatment and is not suitable for top polishing. Ceramica Dry may polish the flat surface and create a nice polish, but the surface may become wavy due to the hook and loop system.

Question : What are the different Backer Pads used for?

Answer : Alpha® Flexible Backer Pads are rubber and used for curves and Bullnose edges. Alpha® Rigid Backer Pads are for flat areas and straight edges.

Question : Do we really need to use all of the discs? 60 – 3000 grits? Somebody told me you only need thee grits to polish.

Answer : Yes. Using anything less than the full system will not ensure the high quality polishing finish. Skipping grits or not spending enough time on each grit does not work and always yields unsatisfactory results. Alpha® Ceramica Dry is a complete modern and effective system, which can prove its value under the toughest of work conditions and the most demanding inspections.

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