We carry a variety of liquids, creams, sprays, and powders to enhance and polish all types of stones


One main struggle that fabricators often go through is finding that perfect chemical to polish their stone. Whether the result desired is to enhance or polish, Euro Asian Blades has plenty of chemicals that will do the job correctly in a variety of different forms. We have liquids, creams, crystallizers and powders that will provide gloss and protection. Any one of our broad selection will obtain the beautiful desired natural polish and enhancement of your stone.


Diamond Tool Store offers a wide variety of different polishing chemicals such as polishing compounds, polishing powder, polishing spray, polishing paste and polishing gel.

Top name polishing products include:

VMC 5x Polishing Powder – used as a final step in achieving high reflectivity finish

Hertron Marble Supreme – A polishing paste used to restore worn stones and help to provide initial water and or stain resistance

Stone Pro EMP Easy Marble Polish – Great for cleaning and polishing marble and like stones. Also available in a paste!

Stone Pro Diamond Renew – Diamond abrasive that allows you to achieve high polish shine and clarity

Italian Craftsman – Specially formulated to clean, shine and protect!

Dry Treat Intensifia – Is the ultimate combination of stone sealer and stone enhancer

Dia Glo – Create mirror like finishes with this diamond buffing compound

Tenax Ager – Leave a permanent wet look with little drying time

Miracle Sealants Seal and Enhance – Bring out the color of worn stone with this great solvent based stain protector

GP3 – Professional grade polishing compound to restore granite surfaces

These are great from floors to countertops for granite, marble, terrazzo, travertine, quartz, ceramic, natural stone and engineered stone.

  • Front View | Miracle 511 Seal & Enhance Gallon

    Miracle Sealants

    Miracle 511 Seal & Enhance

    511 Seal and Enhance for sealing and bringing out the color on granite, concrete, marble, slate, grout, limestone, and tile   511 Seal and Enhcance is a top end stone sealer.  The stone sealer can Miracle 511 Seal & Enhance Is a unique,...
  • EMP Easy Marble Polish (Powder)

    Stone Pro

    EMP Easy Marble Polish (Powder)

    EMP Easy Marble Polish excellent for polishing and restoring marble and travertine - works on floors, countertops, and walls Stone Pro's EMP stands for Easy Marble Polish.  Excellent for polishing marble, travertine, all calcite based stone,...
  • Italian Craftsman Stone Polish

    Diamond Tool Store

    Italian Craftsman Stone Polish

    Italian Craftsman Polish is specifically formulated to clean, shine, and protect granite, marble, polished stones, wood, formica, and metal Granite, marble, and stone surface countertops can take quite a beating from spills, kitchen messes and food...
  • Front View | Marble Supreme

    Hertron International

    Hertron Marble Supreme

      Marble Supreme | Polishing Paste for Marble Restoration Marble Supreme is a marble polishing paste or compound used for polishing marble.  The marble polishing paste can be used countertops and floors.  Marble Supreme is known by...
  • VMC 5X Polishing Powder


    VMC 5X Polishing Powder

    5X Polishing Powder for marble and travertine 5X Marble Polishing Powder is used to polish marble, travertine, and terrazzo.  The polishing powder can be used with countertops, but more oftern on floors.  The polishing powder for marble is...
  • Front View - Dry Treat Intensifia Quart

    Dry Treat

    Dry Treat Intensifia

    Intesifia Stone Sealer and Enhancer for protecting, sealing, and enhancer the color on natural stone, countertops, patios, driveways, garages, and kitchens INTENSIFIA™ is the ultimate combination of enhancer and sealer. Natural stone, masonry, and...
  • Rhino Polishing Powder


    Rhino Polishing Powder

    Rhino Polishing Powder For Marble Restoration Rhino Polishing Powder removes fine scratches. The marble polishing comound is made of the finest ingredients on the market and is proven for it's polishing power for light and dark marble. When using the...
  • Tenax Ager Color Enhancer


    Tenax Ager Color Enhancer

    Tenax Ager Stone Color Enhancer Sealer Technical Details Enhances color Leaves a permanent wet look on stone surfaces 1 Liter covers 160 - 180 square feet Drying time is about 60 minutes Water-repellent effect within 24 hours from...