Dry Treat Eff Erayza

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Grout Cleaner-Rust Remover-Efflorescence Cleaner

Eff-Erayza  is a new technology safer acid cleaner for removing efflorescence, rust stains, limescale, grout haze, mortar mess and fireplace soot. Eff-Erayza™ Efflorescence Remover is very powerful and generally more effective than traditional industrial acids but is non fuming, non-corrosive to metals (except for uncoated aluminium) and temporary contact does not burn skin.

Typical Applications:


• Eff-Erayza is a safer acidic cleaner for removing mineral residues including, efflorescence, grout haze, rust marks, limescale & mortar mess

• Eff-Eraysa™ is non fuming so it can be used indoors and outdoors

• Suitable for commercial & domestic use on floors, walls, facades, showers, masonry, brickwork, patios, driveways, garage floors.

• Eff-Erayza™ is suitable for a wide range of non-acid sensitive stones and other hard surfaces, including, granite, slate, basalt, brick, glass, ceramic and porcelain tile, terracotta.

• Acidic cleaners are commonly used to clean paving & poured concrete surfaces. If using Eff-Eraysa™ on concrete or other cementitious surfaces, neutralise the surface as soon as possible after cleaning to minimize etching, with something alkaline, such as Oxy-Klenza dissolved in Water, then rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

• Effective for etching marble, limestone & other acid sensitive stones to achieve a 'honed' (matt) finish

• WARNING: Eff-Erayza is acidic and will etch / damage acid sensitive stones such as marble, limestone, travertine and onyx as well as concrete / grout products and uncoated aluminium. Read all of the safety directions and precautions carefully before using.

Benefits of the Grout Cleaner: 


• Highly effective for removing common mineral reasidues including: efflorescence, grout haze, rust marks, soap scum, limescale and mortar mess.

• Eff-Erayza™ can also be used for removing fireplace soot.

• The power of dangerous traditional acids without the toxic fumes

• Safer to use than muriatic (hydrochloric) acid and other traditional acids.

• Temporary contact does not burn skin - you have some time to rinse off the Eff-Erayza™

• Almost zero corrosion of metals, except uncoated aluminium

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1 Quart (946 mL)


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