Blue Ripper Sr. 5hp Package Deal - Sale Includes: Blue Ripper Saw, Rails, and Blades


Quartzite Blades are also available 

Archon 2 Blade

Turbo Quartzite Blade

5hp Blue Ripper Rail Saw

These saws can cut through 4cm thick stone. The 3hp can cut 2cm "Absolute Black" granite up to the incredible speed of 10 ft. per MINUTE! Simple and strong, the blade cuts next to rail so setting up is fast and easy. No gauge, shims, or offset measurements are needed. The 5hp saw itself, weights only 68 lbs. which makes it easy for a single person to lift and move. The reduced weight also minimizes risk of cracking narrow or thin pieces of material. This rail saw is truly amazing and is considered by the experts to be far superior than the competition in performance and ease of use.

5 Horsepower Water-cooled High-speed

Fastest cutting portable rail saw on the market today! Finding that there were no inexpensive, light-weight 5 horse motors available to us, we decided to build our own: this 5HP water-cooled motor is the core of our new 5hp high-speed (3450 RPM) Blue Ripper rail saw. The water that you are already using to cool your blade is fed through custom end-caps manufactured right here in the USA to cool the motor. We incorporated everything we've ever learned in sealing and protecting the motors from the wet environment of sawing stone into these new motors to make sure they provide both the power and the life we demand from our saws.

Technical Specifications

  • Up to 10 FPM cut speed
  • 3450 RPM Custom Water-Cooled Induction Motor
  • 5hp 220v at 22 Amps
  • 14 inch blade
  • 60mm blade arbor
  • 8" diameter billet aluminum flanges
  • All connections mounted vertical
  • One-hand water disconnect
  • Easy-adjust locking height adjustment
  • Weight: Only 68 lbs
  • Cuts through 4cm (1-5/8") stone
  • Manufactured with PRIDE in the USA

14" Arrayed Pattern Blade for Blue Ripper Saw

Specially designed just for Blue Ripper Saw

Traditionally, fast-cutting diamond blades did not have a long life-span, and long-lasting blades did not cut fast.

Long life and fast cutting speed were incompatible. Now, both fast cutting speed and long life exist in the same diamond blade - the Arrayed Pattern Diamond Blade.

  • Diamonds specifically pattern-arrayed in each segment
  • No more random diamond placement in blade segments
  • 30% longer blade-life than traditional blades
  • Uniform diamond exposure to the stone surface over entire segment life
  • No uneven segment deterioration or premature diamond loss
  • Smoother cut with virtually no chipping
  • Standard segment height of 10mm

How these blades are different

In traditional diamond blades, the diamonds are randomly placed within each segment's bonding agent. As a result, the diamonds are exposed to the stone in an unbalanced, random way. This results in uneven segment deterioration, premature diamond loss, and blades that wear out relatively rapidly.

With the new Arrayed Pattern Diamond Blade, the diamonds are arrayed in a specific pattern in each segment. This groundbreaking technology allows for uniform diamond exposure to the stone surface. The perfectly balanced cutting action provides a fast, smooth cut; and because the patterned diamonds are exposed to the stone at the same consistent rate as all the other diamonds in each segment, the blade life is greatly extended - 30% longer blade-life than traditional blades. There is no uneven segment deterioration or premature diamond loss.
For a long-lasting, smooth, fast-cutting diamond blade the Arrayed Pattern Diamond Blade has no equal !

Note: If you want Blue Ripper Saw with different size rails or no blades at all, please contact us.