RTK 650

Single disc grinder ideal for surface preparation in large areas. Variable speed gives the operator greater performance in situations such as removing the adhesive coating when excessive speed generates heat, making removal difficult.

The tools are mounted on a floating disk fixed on an anti-shock joint that guarantees maximum reliability. RTK 650 is the only single-disc grinder equipped with an electric piston that allows the regulation of the tool pressure and to stabilize the machine to prevent the operator from unexpected reactions during sanding operations.

The result is a unique, new machine, perfect for a wide range of jobs on floors. RTK 650 is equipped with vibration dampers both on the smoothing disk and on the sensitive parts of the sander in order to minimize vibrations on the operator and on the machine itself. RTK650 is a heavy-duty machine that offers exceptional performance, intelligent ergonomics for easy handling.

The typical design and quality 100% Made in Italy guarantee reliability, longevity and top class performance. HG Hyper Grinder also produces a complete range of diamond tools for RTK 650 ranging from the most aggressive grinding tools for screeding, the removal of very thick layers of over thickness up to the finest grinding tools ideal for finishing and polishing of concrete floors.

Model RTK 650 VS
Motor 15 HP
Drive Inverter 15 kW
Volt 380x480
Hertz 50/60
Amp 25
Tools Speed 700-1100 rpm
Work Diameter 650mm
Tools Size 1x650mm
Water Tank 46 lt
Size LxAxP cm 120x125x67
Weight 342 Kg
Model RTK 650
Volume 1.31 m3
Size 120x80x136 cm
Weight 360 kg