SawTrax 1000 Series Vertical Panel Saw With a Makita Saw Motor is a Full Size Panel Saw for Woodworking and Cabinet Making

The 1000 Series Vertical Panel Saw is for woodworkers, cabinet makers and other customers that need a vertical panel saw to precision cut sheets up to 1¾ inches thick. The industrial Makita 5007 saw motor uses standard 7.25" saw blades and sealed bearings on their carriage for the most accurate and smooth carriage action in the industry.

Spec Sheet

Available Models
52" Cross Cut - Full Size - #1052
64" Cross Cut - Full Size - #1064
76" Cross Cut - Full Size - #1076
88" Cross Cut - Full Size - #1088
100" Cross Cut - Full Size - #10100

Vertical Panel Saws for Woodworking

This Vertical Panel Saw offers the precision, accuracy, ease of use and safety that sets Saw Trax panel saws apart. Features like real steel bearings on the carriage, a patented alignment system that never goes out of square, a dust collection system that actually collects the saw dust, a "quick change" carriage that allows you to use other cutting tools and selected options to provide you the equipment that most woodworkers request. Options like a pre-attached folding stand, wheels for the frame, vertical tapes with rip pointers, two horizontal tapes with a stop and stop extension bar, a saw blade shroud brush, a 12' by 2.5" dust hose with coupler for use with a vacuum and a spinning saw insert with attached 15 amp. Makita 5007F saw.

Feature Comparisons for the Saw Trax 1000 series panel saw:

  • Look into the dust shroud blade window and you will see the saw's light illuminate the blade for easy alignment with a cut mark.
    No window on theirs.
  • Feel the smooth and precise pull of the bearing system on the carriage.
    They use a U-bolt with plastic washers.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a dust collection system that collects dust and prevents you from being pelted with saw dust when rip cutting.
    They use a clear vinyl tube that has to be adjusted for every width of material being cut that gets pushed into the saw blade in the first week of use rendering useless.
  • Never worry about your saw not cutting square because of the patented set and forget Accu-Square alignment system.
    Other panel saws have 13 adjusting points that can get their saw out of square.
  • Have the ability to use a router with your saw or other cutting tools. Some customers have purchased two saws with "dedicated" saw blades for cutting different materials to save the time of changing the blade. Some have used a wood saw and swap it out to use a metal cutting saw for sheet steel.
    You would be stuck with their saw.
  • Have the benefit of using a standard 7.25" blade.
    They use an obscure and expensive 8" blade.
  • The off the shelf Makita 5007F saw allows you to easily repair or replace the saw.
    Their saw is proprietary and you will be paying far more to replace it.
  • Our folding stand comes attached from the factory using ladder hinges and 10 lock nuts. The frame wheels also come attached from the factory. Our machine is not on the wheels when in use.
    You have to attach their stand using U bolts and angle iron. Their saw is always on the wheels making it less stable.
  • Use our stop on either side of the saw. Use the stop extension bar for cutting strips.
    Their stop can be used on one side only and does not have the strip bar feature.

THE Panel Saw for Woodworking

Vertical panel saws have been used to break down sheet goods because of their ease of use, speed of use, floor space efficiency and safety dividends. The 1000 Series panel saws are 10 feet wide for full support of you full size sheets. They come in 3 cross cutting frames for cutting 52" (1052), 64" 91064) and 76" (1076). They will cut materials that are less than 1¾ inches with incredible accuracy.

The Carriage uses sealed steel bearings providing the user with smooth and precise cuts and a guide tube alignment system that will never shift or go out of square (Accu-Square). One of the most popular accessories for woodworking with our machine is the floating router insert (router not included) that turns your panel saw into a panel router in seconds!

The standard features on every Saw Trax panel saw is a quick release carriage that uses sealed steel bearings for movement, the Accu-Square alignment system that keeps your panel saw from going out of square, a welded powder coated steel frame, 11 gauge nickel chrome plated steel guide tubes, material rollers, spring loaded retraction mechanism and a strip catch bracket between the rollers.

The 1000 series package also includes a 15 amp. Makita 5007F circular saw on a spinning saw insert, the best dust collection hook up in the industry: a blade dust shroud, saw dust cover, 12 ft. hose and hose coupler. Also included is a factory attached folding stand that is as easy to open and close as a ladder, transport wheels for mobility, one vertical and two horizontal measuring tapes, a stop (for accurate/repetitive cuts) with a bar for cutting strips and two rip pointers for rip cutting in either direction.

Saw Trax Competition
Saw Trax model 1064 Safety Speed model H-5
Cut Accuracy 1/64" 1/32"
Bearings 12 - Steel Sealed Bearings 4 - U-Bolts with Nylon Washers
Material Rollers 18 Plastic - Never need adjustment 14 Plastic - Up to 12 can go out of alignment
Daily Usage 3 - 5 hours 1 - 3 hours
Maximum Cross Cut 64" 64"
Maximum Rip Cut Unlimited, Feed from either side Unlimited, feed only right to left
Saw Blade Diameter 7-1/4" 8" - Sometimes hard to find
Saw Motor Specifications 15 amp, 120 v 15 amp, 120 v
Viewing Port for Cut Line Saw has 2 lights No Viewing Port
Alignment System Patented Accu-Square System
Never needs adjustment
No alignment system
13 alignment adjustments
Saw Replacement Makita 5007F off the shelf, Limited Down Time Proprietary, Replace through Manufacturer
Saw Blade Guard Standard No
Carriage Locks 2 1
Quick Change insert Standard No
Guide Tubes Nickel Chrome Plated, 11 gauge Zinc Plated, 11 gauge
Instructions Instructional CD and Manual Manual only
Retraction Cable Recessed Center Cable can pull when feeding material from side
Center Material Support Standard No
Cut Depth 1.75" 1.75"
Shipping Condition Crated Limited Protective Packaging
Dust Collection Standard, Dust Brush around blade, 2" Diam hose, 12' long with coupler $264.00 Option, No Dust Brush for Saw Blade, End User Installed
Folding Stand Standard $177.00 Option - (Fixed only) End User Installed
Saw Frame Wheels Standard (5") $70.00 (4") Option - End User Installed
Saw Blade 24 tooth Carbide Tipped blade $79.00 Option - End User Installed
Stop Bar & Tapes Standard $286.00 Option - End User Installed
Additional options to match Saw Trax standard features Standard Unit $2,997.00 - Base Model $876.00 - Options Total