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Dia Plus Honeycomb Blade

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Over View Honey Comb Segmented Blade

Featuring the All New Dia Plus Honey Comb Blade for marble cutting

The Dia Plus Honey Comb blade is used to cut marble, soft stones, and some glass. The blade is elecrtoplated and absolutely covered in diamonds. Diamonds throughout the entire blade make it not only good for cutting but grinding and shaving as well. The honeycomb blade is a new design that places diamonds throughout blade used for overall cutting and performance.

Features quad mount adaptor holes

  • Available in 5” and 6”

Specifications for the all new Dia Plus Honey Comb Blade

Item # Size Arbor Max RPMS
DPEPH5 5" 5/8"-7/8" 12000
DPEPH6 6" 5/8"-7/8" 12000