Dongsin CNC Profile Wheels

Dongsin CNC Profile Wheels

To better suit your needs, The Diamond Tool Store offers customized profiling wheels. Please view our selection of Metal Segmented, Sintered, Electroplated, Eliminator, Touch- POL (Resin) Profile Wheels. 

Top of the line CNC Profile Wheels by Dongsin

Dongsin Products offer a complete system of CNC profile wheels that provide superior results for various profile shapes. 

How Dongsin profile wheels are engineered

  • The combination of grinding, shaping wheels, and Touch-POL polishing wheels with expandable inside urethane provide perfect finish by contacting all surfaces. 
  • Segmented Wheel (POS. 0) is made for ‘Edge-Breaking’ and its fast pre-cutting performance will enhance the life span of following steps. 
  • Sintered Rim Wheels (POS. 1-3) will form shapes precisely and will not be deformed. 
  • Electroplated or Vacuum Brazed (POS. 1-3) are made for soft material such as Marble, Sandstone and Limestone that will bring out finely honed finishes. 
  • Line Eraser (POS. 3+) is for eliminating diamond marks before the step of polishing. 
Position Function RPM Offset Granite/Engineerd Material Marble
Bond F/S(mm/min) Bond F/S(mm/min)
Pos 0 Stock Removal 4,700~5,000   Metal-Segment 600 Electroplated 800
Pos 1 Shaping 4,700~5,000 1.0mm Metal-Rim 800 Electroplated 800
Pos 2 Honing 4,700~5,000 0.6mm Metal-Rim 800 Electroplated 1200
Pos 3 Finishing 4,700~5,000 0.1mm Metal-Rim 800 Electroplated 1200
Pos 4 Polishing 1,500 0.1mm Resin 1000 Resin 1000
Pos 5 Polishing 1,500 0.1mm Resin 1000 Resin 1000
Pos 6 Polishing 1,500 0.1mm Resin 1000 Resin 1000


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