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The Diamond Tool Store Carries a Extensive selection of Diamond Tools for stone including granite, marble and construction material including concrete.  From Diamond cutting blades, drill bits, polishing pads, grinding wheels,  drum wheels, profile bits to CNC tools. All of the Diamond tools we carry are made with the highest quality diamonds available, and are manufactured to exceed industry standards for quality and safety.  These tools are targeted towards the countertop fabrication to overall Stone fabrication and other construction fields. Our Diamond tools are made with a high concentration of diamonds, and the best resins and silicone carbide that the industry has to offer. The final result is a tool with constant and smooth textures that will ensure the highest quality finish on any surface and a unsurpassable durability.

The life of the diamond tools very depending on the stones application, for instance soft stones like marble will have a very minimal wear on the diamonds where as granite and quartz will wear the diamonds a little more. Regardless of the application we assure that our diamond tools are made to endure and perform job after job.  Our cup wheels are offered in 4 different grit stages fine, medium, course and extra course for more aggressive stone applications.  We offer a plethora of tools from shaping and edging Z Drum wheels to resin filled cup wheels. We also carry a variety of coatings removal cup wheels for epoxy and thin set removal and resin drum wheels for grinding and polishing sinkhole cut outs. The Diamond tools store resin drum wheels can be used on any surface from marble to granite, hard stone to soft stone stones, and natural to engineered stones. Our resin drum wheels are offered in grits ranging from 50 to 3000. Our resin diamond wheels are made from the highest quality resins and diamond available for a consistent finish and a and unmatched tool longevity.  

Almost all of our diamond tools are made with 5/8-11 threading which is the standard thread on most grinders and polishers. We also offer adaptors and core connectors so that the diamond tools can be utilized on tools like drills and sanders.  We also carry miscellaneous tooling item such as sandpaper and grinding stone. The diamond tool store also offers levelers and floor layer lasers. Whether you are cutting, drilling, polishing, grinding, profiling or sanding, The Diamond Tool Store has the right diamond tool for you!

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