Coatings Removal

Cup wheels for removing mastics, glues, and other difficult coatings can be a life-saver during tough projects with tight deadlines. Stone working professionals know how difficult some mastic coating removal can be. That's why Diamond Tool Store stocks high-quality coating removal wheels to make your job easier. These coating removal wheels don't just grind away the material like traditional wheels you may have used in the past. Our coating removal tools shave away elastomer products to remove glue, kemper, waterproofing, paint, mastic, epoxy, resin, or any other coating you need to remove. Get your surfaces coating free with The Diamond Tool Store.

If your cup wheels are new, but your angle grinder just isn't cutting it anymore, be sure to check out our whole selection of diamond tools. We carry floor grinders and floor buffers for all of your coating removal needs.


Dia Plus Free Maxima

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