HTC H Series

  • Model: HTC-H
  • Manufactured by: HTC Floor Systems

HTC Options Quantity price
[H 0 SS Purple - 10 grit]
[H 1 SS Silver - 16 grit]
[H 2 SS Gold - 25 grit]
[H 3 SS Grey - 40 grit]
[H 4 SS Brown - 80 grit]
[H 5 SS Black - 150 grit]
[H 6 SS Blue - 300 grit]

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HTC EZ H Series Diamonds-Coating Removal, Concrete Floor Tools

Formerly SF Series

The EZ H tools are recommended when grinding concrete floors or performing stock and coating removal.  The concrete floors tools aggressively remove heavy coatings, glue, epoxy, paint, and more. 

The H Series comes both as double segments and single segments. Below you find the double segments.

  • EZ H 0 Purple - A segment with very large diamonds. Efficient for removal of adhesive residue and other coatings.
  • EZ H 1 Silver - A standard segment for concrete, removal of adhesive, rain-damaged surfaces and newly-cast floors. The segment gives a coarsely-structured surface.
  • EZ H 2 Gold - A very efficient segment for grinding concrete. Recommended for normal to hard concrete.
  • EZ H 3 Gray - A slightly finer concrete segment that also works well for paint removal. Can be used as step 1 on very hard concrete.
  • EZ H 4 Brown - A slightly finer concrete segment used to remove scores after rough grinding.
  • EZ H 5 Black - Gives a score-free surface after H 4.



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