Drill Bits

Core Drill Bits-Granite Core Bits, Concrete Core Drill Bits, Marble Core Bits

The Diamond Tool Store offers a wide variety of diamond core drill bits, including granite, concrete, masonry, marble, porcelain, glass and even metal. We stock diamond core bits for both wet and dry use.  Diamond Tool Store granite core bits and our entire line of diamond core bits is the highest quality, including high diamond concentration and high-quality laser welding for all diamond segments of each bit. We offer continuous rim, turbo bits where fast cutting and a smooth finish are required.  The concrete core bits go up to 14 inches in depth and diameter.  Custome core drill bits are available.  Additionally, when you need to drill blind holes, we carry non-core bits.


Our entire core bit selection comes with 5/8-11 threading: standard for most angle grinders, air polishers, and hand polishers. We have adapters to connect our diamond drill bits with an electric drill motor.


Always operate your core bit at the recommended RPM speed to extend the life of the bit and your core drill rig.


Our bits for natural stone can drill a hole up to 3 ½" in depth; our Masonry/Concrete bits can drill up to 12” deep.


Need to go a little deeper than a standard core bit offers? We also offer drill shaft extensions that allow coring up to an additional 12" in depth. We have available bit diameters from 3/16" to 14" in stock. Contact us for custom diamond core drill bits to find out how we can fabricate a bit for any diameter you require.


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