Granite Drill Bits

Drill granite or any other hard stone with these granite diamond core drill bits. Made for countertop, kitchen or any other stone fabrication applications. We carry wet or dry bits with mostly for 5/8"-11 thread hand polishers/cutters. Diamond Tool Store carries high quality segmented diamond bits or even continuous core drill bits for smooth drilling. Some come with side-protection for smoother side walls on drilled side walls.

Replacing your granite drill bits is an important part of keeping your workshop effective. However, if the granite core rig you're working with is underpowered, or simply wearing out from years of use, Diamond Tool Store core drill rigs them in stock and ready to ship.

Remember to use proper safety protocols when working with granite drill bits. If you're looking to outfit your shop with stone slab lifters for safety manipulating heavy granite slabs, now is the time to shop our extensive inventory.

We are a trusted supplier of both wet diamond drill bits and dry diamond drill bits. Diamond tool store also carries tile drill bits for soft stone and porcelain as well.


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