Tile And Porcelain Drill Bits

The Diamond Tool Store carries a selection of the highest quality tile drill bits and porcelain drill bits for use on soft stones. Most of our porcelain and glass drill bits come with a user 5/8”-11 thread and we also provide other bits with various thread sizes as well.

We also carry drill shaft extensions that can be attached to drills for those who want to drill deeper. We have tile drill bits that also have brazed side protection that give a smoother, finishing touch and a smoother sidewall along with a longer lasting life. Most of our core bits have diamond particles that work at peak performances at all times. Using porcelain drill bits that aren't worn out is key to ensuring your core drill rig or angle grinder operates at maximum efficiency.

Please take a look at the selection we have below and for any further assistance, contact us online or call 1-800-342-3876 to speak with one of our diamond tool professionals about your porcelain drill bit and tile drill bit needs.


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